Hi, we are John Doe


How can anyone discover Friends?

In a typical fashion we search through our pool of neighbors and associates and colleagues of associates to discover individuals who share our qualities and interests. We trade stories with each other, uncover and talk about our commonalities, and once in a while we become friends.

In a global virtual community we can avoid the happenstance and go straight to where our favorite subjects are being examined, and at that point get to know individuals who share our interests or who interact with us in a manner we find alluring.

Your odds of making companions are amplified by significant degrees over the old techniques for discovering friends.

This is such a community. We are a diverse, wide-spread, international group of gamers who have a love for cooperative and competitive gaming. It started a long time ago and continues today in the form you see here.

Look around, we are glad you are here.


How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company. – Brigitte Nicole

Why we’re here

Gamers can associate with players locally or collaborate with individuals from nations all throughout the planet. An enormous extent of youngsters playing multiplayer games have grown great fellowships with individuals they met on the web.

Computer games have made a fun and connecting method of interfacing with individuals and can go about as a significant showing device in creating social abilities. Computer games can help foster participation abilities and supporting abilities as players have the choice to cooperate to shape partnerships and make groups working agreeably. Numerous computer games frequently bring about better results if players cooperate, urging players to be social. Computer games likewise give the players the chance to take a pioneer’s position, which requires more noteworthy long range informal communication abilities and cooperation to keep different players glad.

These abilities are significant in the rest of the world for making and looking after fellowships, particularly in school and workplaces. Studies have shown that playing computer games, including savage computer games can make and improve companionships among players. Players can be battling against one another in the game yet are fostering their companionship as they cooperate and share the experience.


Just a few rules to abide by, these rarley change.

  1. Be kind to eachother. If you follow this rule the rest will be easy.
  2. Anything not related to gaming, games or gaming hardware and companies is strictly forbidden.
  3. See rule #1 again.